Agricultural & Landscape Inputs Marketing Division

In the year 1989, we began with a group of talented and highly dedicated professionals who shared the far sighted vision for future developments.

Establishment group of house of the development for the agricultural contractors in year 1994 was complete.

The weak sharp pioneers in presentation the medical services veterinary in Kuwait.

The moved hospitals their design was complete for facilitation of care generous for the large and small animals. Indeed our veterinary establishments for the small animals present a complete grown-up the services.

Just as expands a lot of the specialized services as (the surgery, and the interior examination by the endoscope, and x-rays examination, and the ultrasonic examination. Just as I for clinic for the wild birds).

Our current hospitals work at the time along 24 hour do, and veterinary hospitals and their visits centre in all aspects at state of Kuwait in:

Gahraa vet. hospital
Kabad vet. hospital
Wafraa vet. hospital
Wafraa pens
Al-badly vet. hospital
Royal animal vet. hospital