Veterinary Division

Veterinary Hospital Services

Diagnostic Services

There are 2 Types of Diagnostics and we are qualified to handle many types of Diagnostics which will help us in accurate in Accurater Results before we commendce the Treatment

By using Equipments

The diagnostic x-rays used on skeleton, muscles and heart vessels of heart-lung and intestines and the Uro-genital tract evaluation by using Stain.

The Technology used recently is ultrasound waves used for examination of internal organs definitively like Heart ,Urogenital System.

Presence of Foreign Body in the Stomach or Abdomen like Dead Foetus,Wool Balls, Ropes, Plastic Bags.

Presence of Tumor or Canceer.


By using Kits

Diagnosis of Tuberculosis, Brucella, Foot and Mouth Disease, Canine Distemper, Rabies etc.