Veterinary Division

Veterinary Hospital Services

Farms Supervision

Through our hospitals, we provide supervision services to any who require them, by making periodical visits to farms, following up on animals health and treatments, as well as providing our clients with any advice and guides for all animals of all ages.

Measure of examination in complete for the farm, and indicates in his recommendations with regard to possibilities and uses all from them, and specification of generous qualified manager
 (if the necessity required). we work with the manager for specification of the goals the relative to identical and the practices the administration and which needs friend of the farm be in agreement with and the use be characterized in long-term self the value for the farm

Large Animal Farms

Poultry Farms

  • Stock examination
  • Fertility rate
  • Improve productivity rate
  • vaccination programs
  • Nourishing programs
  • vaccination programs
  • Medications
  • Nourishing programs