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  • Soil preparation and planting - the less, the better!
    Depending on the crop to be installed, the type of soil preparation will vary. Generally, we consider at ICS that the less, the better (if not a direct drill - see Rapid seed drill) which is now possible because of the new equipment available.
  • Shallow cultivation – Carrier
    In some cases, for vegetable crops, we might recommend the use of a shallow cultivation tool designed by Franquet to be used in combination with the Monosem MS planter.
  • Deep cultivation - Discordon +/or Top down In other conditions where soil preparation has to be deep (potato, sugarcane,...), we recommend tools such as the Discordon or the Heliplow from Grégoire Besson, or their ploughs (traditional or disc harrows types).
    The Topdown, a new equipment designed by Väderstad, is also an outstanding tool in certain circumstances. Afterwards, the Väderstad Carrier (see "Shallow cultivation" page) will be perfect for appropriate leveling and consolidation (direct drilling, disc harrows)
  • Special situations
    When a deep hard pan has to be eliminated, we recommend the use of tools which won't disturb the vertical soil organization: depending on conditions (soils, available power...), different tools can be used such as the Heliplow or the Soil-lifter from Gregoire Besson.
  • Try the Rapid for direct drill and see the difference
    The Väderstad Rapid is an outstanding piece of equipment for direct drill (minimum or no tillage) of seeds such as wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, peas or even small seeds such as alfalfa and sesame. It may also be used in some situations for onion, corn...
  • Seed Hawk a revolution for direct drill
    Perfectly adapted to dry conditions, Seed Hawk direct drills provide outstanding results for a large range of species.
    With a perfect knowledge of Seed Hawk use in arid conditions, ICS' people will lead you to the best choice considering your specific needs. Seed Hawk has a range of tank sizes and toolbar widths to suit any farm and budget. Tanks can also be used with all kinds of fertilizer: liquid, dry, and anhydrous.
  • Pneumatic vegetable planters
    For vegetable crops such as onion, tomato, carrot etc... we have selected the Monosem MS pneumatic planter from the Ribouleau range of machinery.
  • Row Crop Planters – NG Plus
    For maïze, sunflower, cotton, beans soja or sugar beet we have selected the NG Plus planter, which is the most precise and simple on the market. Ribouleau has designed a special model for rough conditions (high heat) with rain forced bearing seals, frames etc.