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NuTec Ireland, part of the Provimi Group, has been manufacturing speciality premixes and creeps for over 20 years. Through our premix and SCA branded diets, we are among the leading producers of specialised animal feeds in Europe as well as being firmly established as the market leader in Ireland.

The success of our products is due to a variety of factors, foremost of which is quality and traceability of raw materials and products. NuTec employs a team of highly qualified & motivated nutritionists who utilise only the finest materials to provide top class, high performance products. We are also licensed to produce diets containing fishmeal, providing the optimum proportion of proteins for growth and development in the young pig.

Our location, 20 miles south west of Dublin, affords us with unbeatable logistics in terms of domestic service and facilitates our export business. Research and Development also plays a vital role in our business. As part of Provimi we have access to the experience and expertise of over 610 Provimi scientists and 13 research facilities situated throughout the world.

Quality Assurance has always been paramount for Nutec. To this end Nutec participates in Quality Standards such as ISO and UFAS. Our Quality System is assessed on an ongoing basis by internal Auditors within the company and by external auditors from both ISO and UFAS.