Veterinary Division

Veterinary Hospital Services


Part of H.O.D.’s group of veterinary hospitals, where it specializes in Pet animals, providing the best and modern methods of pet animal health care, including X-rays, Ultra-Sound, Operating rooms, accommodations and accessories.

Whatever the type of pet, our specialized hospitals can provide the appropriate care and accommodations for the pets whose owners are away, with separate kennels for each pet.

The owners can feel safe while they are away, as a team of highly trained Veterinarians will take care of every need of their pets, weather special care or medication is required.

Alongside our highly efficient Veterinarians, RAH has been equipped with the best diagnostic and therapeutic devices to ensure the best care for our clients and their pets.

RAH, which is a certified member of IPATA, also can provide international transportation services to our clients for transporting pets to all over the world.