Agricultural & Landscape Inputs Marketing Division


Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable Seeds can be classified as

  • Conventional Vegetable Seeds or commonly called as Varieties,
  • Selections from the Best performing Varieties , which are then mass multiplied for the Customers
  • Hybrid Seeds - These are developed over a Period of sustained Research by Various Companies world over. The Crops that are Cultivated in Various Countries, Various Weather Conditions are Selected and a Germplasm built up in the Company's Research Facility. The Male and the Female Parents are , multiplied , fine tuned , selected developed further by the Breeders. These are then crossed and a First Progeny obtained. These are Tested in the Research Facility and the Multiple Locations of the Country and the World.

Yield , Adaptability and Performance and Dis-integration of the Hybrids are assessed. These are Field Tested over a Period of 3 to 5 Years before it is commercially launched,

Such Commercially Tested and released Hybrids by the Companies are further Laid out in the Specific Regions like GCC and later the Specific growing Country example our Country Kuwait.

Companies like Nunhems and Hitech have Field Demonstrations in Amman, Jordan .They invite the Agricultural Sales Engineers from Companies like ours to their Field Demonstration Plots, which gives us an Insight into the Hybrid Selection and an idea that a Specific Hybrid can perform in Kuwait , the Specific Characteristics will be successful in Kuwait etc. Such Hybrids are then tried out by us in our Fields and performance assessed in Kuwait . Once we are Confident and the Farmers demand it then we go ahead with the Launch of the Hybrid in Kuwait.

Hybrids can be grown inside the Greenhouses and in Open Field based on the Recommendations of the Breeder and the Company who does the Research and Promotion

This does not stop there. Phasing out a Hybrid is also essential.

The Companies gives us better Hybrids every 2 to 3 Years. The process then gets repeated all over again.

We exclusively represent Nunhems-Holland , Hitech- Holland ,Spic -India , Dhaanya-India

We exclusively represent ICS-France for their Seed Potato Selections and Varieties

We represent Marutane - Japan, Bejo - Holland, Modesto-USA